Support for eduroam is provided by your home institution. You should contact the IT Services department or helpdesk of your organisation for assistance with configuring your mobile device, laptop or phone for eduroam use.

Forgotten Password

We are sorry to hear that you have forgotten your password. eduroam accounts are managed by the institution which issued the account to you. Please contact the IT department of the institution which originally created your account to have your password changed or reset.

I need an eduroam Account

eduroam accounts are issued by participating education and research institutions. If your institution does not support eduroam you should approach the IT department of your institution yourself to convince them to join eduroam!

Help Configuring a Device

Unfortunately the eduroam team does not have the resources to support device configuring. You should contact the IT department of your institution for support.


Institutions wishing to connect to eduroam and offer eduroam access to their staff, students and researchers should contact their National Research and Education Network provider.

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National Network Providers

NRENs already supporting eduroam should access the eduroam wiki space for support and assistance.

If you wish to discuss joining the eduroam community please contact us here