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eduroam® covers entire 'GÉANT region' and looks beyond the borders

30 November 2010

Montenegro joined the European eduroam confederation on 18 November 2010, bringing the last of the 37 GÉANT project partner countries into the eduroam fold. At the same time, eduroam is looking beyond the borders of GÉANT to offer support for the rollout and uptake of the education roaming service in a group of neighbouring Eastern European countries.

"We are glad to be a part of the eduroam community," says Vladimir Gazivoda, Manager for System and Communication at the University of Montenegro's Centre of Information Systems, which operates MREN, the National Research and Education Network (NREN) organisation. "A lot of our staff go abroad via various projects, or as guest professors in various faculties. Cooperation and mobility are very important issues. By enabling our users to use their own credentials to log on to secure networks, we are helping them to better cope in other institutions, and to feel at home." MREN appreciates the support of the European eduroam confederation's Operational Team, which is funded by the GÉANT project, in advising how to establish and configure the national-level infrastructure. "But I must especially mention people from the Serbian NREN, AMRES - Esad Saitovic and Marko Stojakovic - who assisted me and together we solved issues," acknowledges Vladimir Gazivoda.

Miroslav Milonovic (Srce), who leads the Operational Team, says the connection of Montenegro to the European eduroam confederation "completes the goal we had to connect each and every GÉANT partner". But the work is not over: "eduroam has been recognised as an important service and we are continuing with the expansion process". The Operational Team is joining forces with other parts of the GÉANT project - Training, Development Support, and Partner Services Promotion - to encourage and assist the deployment and uptake of eduroam in selected Eastern European countries. "Associate NRENs in the project are entitled to join GÉANT services, so this is why we're targeting them in the next phase."

This next phase is at a very early stage, but several of the selected countries have confirmed that they welcome support with technical advice, training and the promotion of eduroam. Similar support is open to other European countries, and work is under way to update technical advice documents and promotional materials that will be available along with other information about eduroam via the service website:

Further information

The European eduroam service is a large-scale collaboration between hundreds of institutions, the majority of which own and operate the service's infrastructure. The national and pan-European coordination of this infrastructure is undertaken by the National Roaming Operators (NROs) and an eduroam Operational Team that is funded by the GÉANT project, which is co-funded by Europe's NRENs and by the European Commission.

eduroam is also available in Canada, the USA, Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Japan, among other places.

For more information on eduroam, participating institutions and NROs, visit:

More about the GÉANT project:

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More about Partner Services Promotion: . To request support for the promotion of eduroam within your (European) country or institution, contact

® eduroam is a registered trademark of TERENA, the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association

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Sample promotional materials

The pdfs below are examples of materials that can be used at campus level to attract and inform students, researchers and staff about eduroam in their institution/country. Source files (InDesign) are available so you can translate and adapt these materials for your own use. Some additional support may also be available to you, depending on the circumstances. Contact:

The pdfs below are examples of materials that can be used by roaming operator organisations to inform campus IT managers about the benefits of providing eduroam on campus, and the fact that the above promotional support materials are available, as well as technical support.