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The eduroam logo was approved during the Task Force on Mobility meeting that took place in February 2006. You can download the eduroam logo and use it according to the usage guidelines document, and trademark information.



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Quick guide to eduroam leaflet pdf

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Sample promotional materials

The zip file contains a range of materials that can be used at campus level to attract and inform students, researchers and staff about eduroam in their institution/country. Source files (InDesign) are available so you can translate and adapt these materials for your own use. Some additional support may also be available to you, depending on the circumstances. Contact:

The media file contains

  • sample poster (English)
  • sample leaflet (English)
  • sample information card (English)
  • sample beermat/coaster (English)
  • sample sticker
  • sample web banner (English)

In addition the file includes examples of materials that can be used by roaming operator organisations to inform campus IT managers about the benefits of providing eduroam on campus, and the fact that the above promotional support materials are available, as well as technical support.

  • sample leaflet for IT (English)
  • sample covering letter for IT (English)
Download the files here: eduroam-materials-pdfs-vol1

eduroam @ events

If your NREN or Campus is hosting an event promoting eduroam we can help with a range of materials.

Pull-up banners (low res pdf)  –

For high res editable versions please contact

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Feather Flags


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