Why do you need eduroam Managed IdP?

eduroam relies on all participating institutions to manage a service that controls all their user identities and responds to connection requests from eduroam access points worldwide.

This requires the management and support of an Identity Provider (IdP) Service, a well-managed identity backend, and a RADIUS Server to verify the credentials from that backend  and grant user access to eduroam.

Many smaller institutions may not have the in-house skills or resources to operate the required services and in particular to maintain their integrity.  This is why eduroam Managed IdP has been developed.

Product Description

eduroam Managed IdP outsources the technical setup of eduroam IdP functions to the eduroam Operations Team. The system includes

  • A web-based user management interface where user accounts and access credentials can be created and revoked.
  • A technical infrastructure (“CA”) which issues and revokes credentials
  • A technical infrastructure (“RADIUS”) which verifies access credentials and subsequently grants access to eduroam

This leaves the institution only having to focus on the users and frees up valuable technical support resource.

How it works

eduroam Managed IdP will provide you with a simple web-based management interface to add, remove and manage eduroam accounts.  All internal processes are handled on your behalf.

As an eduroam IdP administrator using this system, you are authorized to create user accounts according to your local institution policy. You are fully responsible for the accounts you issue. In particular, you

  • only issue accounts to members of your institution, as defined by your local policy.
  • must make sure that all accounts that you issue can be linked by you to actual human end users of eduroam
  • have to immediately revoke accounts of users when they leave or otherwise stop being a member of your institution
  • will act upon notifications about possible network abuse by your users and will appropriately sanction them

Failure to comply with these requirements may lead to the deletion of your IdP (and all the users you create inside) in this system.

eduroam Managed IdP

Making eduroam easy

eduroam Managed IdP can get your users on-line quickly and securely.

More Information

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