For the first time in Japan, vending machines supporting international academic wireless LAN “eduroam” installed in city parks in Kyoto as a collaboration with Kyoto University, Coca-Cola Japan Inc. and the National Institute of Informatics

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. have been working to install vending machines with unlimited Wi-Fi which had been entrusted through a public offering made by Kyoto City , by installing vending machines supporting the international academic wireless LAN roaming infrastructure service  “eduroam”, which is provided by the National Institute of Informatics , an information system research institution, with technical cooperation from the Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University (located in Kyoto City; Director Yasuo Okabe). The vending machines were installed in 10 parks which are under the jurisdiction of Kyoto City Construction Bureau.

“eduroam” is an academic Wi-Fi LAN service for education and research used by researchers, students and others who belong to universities, research laboratories, etc. Once users register to the service, free connections will be available. It is currently used in 106 countries and regions around the world. By installing the Japan’s first eduroam-supported vending machines in parks in Kyoto City and enhancing eduroam access points, CCBJI will help improve the convenience of students and researchers around the world who visit Japan for academic conferences, study abroad programs, or travels. In addition, the increase in environments with an access to “eduroam” will provide school officials and students who can’t go to schools due to the novel coronavirus outbreak a wider choice of network environments to learn in the same way as in schools.

Under its mission of delivering happy moments to everyone and creating value which is upheld as the corporate philosophy, CCBJI will continue to expand installation of its vending machines in a bid to back up initiatives for creating attractive towns.

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